Croker S39 Soft Arrow 285/291 cm

These thin shafts have less aerodynamic drag than normal shafts and because they weigh less, they have less rotational inertia.

The price indicates  the box with one pair of oars

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These thin shafts are designed for highly competitive lightweights, juniors, women and masters who demand the finest and lightest sculling oars in the world. Ideal for athletes with 2km erg scores slower than 7:00, water times in the 1x around 7:45 or slower for 2km.

These shafts are fitted with the new Arrow Sculling Blade. This high performance blade is the latest development from Croker Oars.

It is designed for athletes who want the best and exhibit good technique.

Weight: 1240 gm

Blade: Arrow, Slick, Macon

Handle: Adjustable

Sleeve: 0°

The price indicates  the box with one pair of oars


Soft shaft is more flexible which enables a more "springing" effect. Resistance at the catch is not immediate, but it is increasing. This helps your spine and back muscles to react to pressure.

This also helps to more "fluid" stroke, since your body can adopt progressive pressure. At the end of stroke "spring effect" of the shaft gives you additional push when shaft straightens back.

We recommend use of this sculls especially in smaller boats because of greater pressure at the catch, boats with back wing or classic CT riggers, for not extremely strong rowers (juniors, women, recreational rowers).

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